Who we are

Walking in the wild nature or walking like pilgrims, with awareness… that’s what we want to offer to you. Through wild and untouched parks or through ancient villages, our guides — officially registered in the Italian Association of Environment and Excursion Guides — will accompany you along the most hidden and evocative routes. Indeed, a guide is someone who knows the way and how to cover it.

Italian parks open up a new world that is worth exploring: walking is certainly the best way to do it. Slow down the pace, open up your senses to nature and let it flow inside you, live a true friendly relationship with the people you meet during your excursions. We will show you these parks on tiptoe, in Italy but also in Greece, Morocco, France, Spain, Croatia. Let’s enjoy and experience nature. Let nature heal your soul. Walking is good for you! It’s not only about trekking, rather it is about travelling into the wild, moving along paths, i.e. travels on foot, since we are people who want to rely on their own walking strength and endurance.

We are a national Italian association, we have guides in many regions, from Piedmont to Sicily.

We offer different kinds of tours, all following our Walking Philosophy.

Wildlife Walks will bring us to untouched areas that you would have never imagined in the Mediterranean. It will be an unforgettable experience: sleeping under a hundred-year-old tree, enjoy the pleasure of being with your companions, running into wild animals, smelling flowers, touching rocks and stones. All the five senses will be roused again and you will go back home completely "renewed". We will walk along footpaths, go backpacking, sleep in tents or mountain huts, eat in typical trattorias or cook our (organic-vegetarian) meals all together around the fire…

On Wayfarer’s Walks we will discover the old way of travelling, through villages, castles, convents and chapels, following the paths which were used over the centuries by shepherds, pilgrims, hunters and travellers like us. We will walk along countryside footpaths, on mild slopes, and eat in typical trattorias with good comfort.

Deep Walking trips are for people who are looking for a deeper experience, healing your inner self. Mindful thinking and walking, awareness and deep listening. To leave troubles and regrets.

Walks with donkeys, to discover these patient animals, that teach us to slow down.

Trips with sailing boats and everyday walks to discover Mediterranean islands following the winds.

Walks with kids, for families with children, and some walking tours for only children.

We are trying to promote the culture of walking, slowly but steadily. As an old and unforgettable friend used to say: "lentius, profundius, suavius", in other words "slower, deeper, sweeter". This was Alex Langer’s motto, which we want to take up. Against the tide.

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